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At Dootrix we work with some of the most successful brands in the UK alongside some of the most innovative start-ups. Our apps have transformed customer experiences, evolved internal communications and disrupted entire industries. We draw on the experience of our multi-disciplinary teams to help us shape significant products that help our client achieve their digital ambitions.

So it’s safe to say our team are experts. So this got me thinking, what apps do the Dootrixer’s love?

I chatted to a few members of the team to find out!

Mary Hyde; UI Designer

I’ve been loving the Headspace app at the minute. Mindfulness is getting a lot of positive attention at the moment and Headspace is the perfect place to start. It has a series of intro meditations that take you on a real journey and teach you a range of mindfulness skills. As a designer, I really appreciate visual presentation and the illustrations and animations are stunning.



The navigation is really intuitive and easy to use but is quite rich in terms of design, there’s a really nice mix of formats. They also have a range of ‘singles’ and ‘minis’ which make exploring meditation fun.

There are a bunch of other features that are really great, the push notifications are engaging and informative without being overbearing or too frequent. They also have ‘packs’ alongside the shorter meditations which focus around day to day stuff like coping with cravings, stress, sleep and more.

Give it a go!

James Mulqueeny; Test Engineer

A friend showed me an app called Relive which is pretty cool. Basically, it’s a platform that lets you create videos of your runs or bike rides and share them with friends and family. It’s only been around for about a year, but it’s got a community of 3 million people.

You can share highlights of your entire trip, the app lets you select specific points on your journey and share the views or pictures of your friends you’ve taken. It also integrates with a range of other fitness apps like Strava that bring another level to the UX.

The demo below gives you a pretty good overview of the app:



Dan Roche; Software Engineer

I’ve recently started using Karma when I go to visit friends in London. I’m a really big fan of reducing food waste. I like to think that by using the app I’m eating food that would have otherwise gone to waste. It’s sickening to think how much food is wasted every day especially when there are so many people struggling to afford meals.

The concept is simple which makes the onboarding process quick and easy. Within seconds you are presented with a map displaying all the current options in the area. Then you just have to select what you would like to eat and arrange to collect it.

There’s a nice pink and white theme that is consistent throughout.

It’s a great initiative for reducing food waste and saving money at the same time but also it’s a no-brainer for businesses because it enables you to save food that would otherwise end up in the bin. It also allows users to try new restaurants at a fraction of the normal cost with all meals costing half the original price or less. The app is also completely free!


I’m excited to see where this app goes and how tech can be used to reduce waste in the future.

Steve Atkinson; Software Engineer

I love DevRant. As a software developer, the challenges we face with code, tech and life as a programmer are pretty unique. DevRant is essentially a community for devs to share their stories and read about the misadventures of programmers all over the world.

There are lots of great online resources for engineers but having a place where you can actively participate in a range of conversations is important, even if it’s just to share your experience or vent about a specific platform or technology.


The app has some really fun features like top rants – where you can view upvoted conversations that are entertaining and informative. It has an intelligent feed format that enables you to scroll through conversations seamlessly and get involved in the discussion.

They sometimes produce online cartoons which are also hilarious – well worth a download for any developers.


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