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At Dootrix, our apps have transformed customer experiences, evolved internal communications and disrupted entire industries. We draw on the experience of our great team of multi-disciplinary specialists to help us shape significant applications that help our clients achieve their ambitions.

But which apps impress the experts themselves? After the success of our initial post, I went back to the team to discover some more of the best apps on the market.

So here’s “apps we love at Dootrix” V2.

Adam Weekes; Senior Designer

I’ve been using Notion almost every day. It’s a productivity tool that brings together notes and documents, spreadsheets, tasks and project information all in one place. It integrates with every I need including Jira, Trello, Google Docs. It’s excellent.

I love the illustration style. It’s informal and very simple, it’s a slight move away from what we’ve been seeing lately stripped back to just line illustrations but still keeping a really friendly and fun vibe.

It’s really effective in both work and personal projects and because it is a web and mobile app, it’s there whenever I need it. It’s definitely the most flexible project management/organiser tool I’ve used.



Owen Flynn, Junior Tester

I love MyFitnessPal. It’s got an amazing range of features for anyone interested in health and fitness. You can set goals, track calories, search for foods and be part of a wider community focused on health and wellbeing. The app is put together really well, the UI is easy. Their database includes over 6 million foods and can provide you with a full list of nutritional information to help you plan your meals and hit your targets. So helpful when trying to calculate portion sizes!

The app has a number of tools to help you lose weight, bulk up or invest in your health in general. It has food diaries and simple tracking that helps you log the food you eat, save meals you eat regularly and log your progress. It helps you count your macros, micros and calories and how much of your “daily goals” that said food would take up for the day in percentages. It also has an intelligent barcode scanner that means you can get any information you need while shopping.


It also has a whole raft of nutritionist-approved recipes and workout tips when you need inspiration. Love it!


Paul Keith, Senior Software Engineer

Everyone who loves music has heard of Spotify, with good reason. It’s the nuts.

How can you search the entire database of nearly all recorded music and then start playing it that quickly? How does Discover Weekly know me better than I know myself? (Or at least it did, until my girlfriend corrupted it by using my account to play 90s ska punk).


The app has so many great features. The ability to add your favourite tunes to a playlist and download it so you can listen when you’re not online is so good.

Their engineering culture is fascinating too. It’s actually quite similar to how we work with our clients. You can read more about that here.


Jamie Barr, Junior Software Engineer

My favourite app, by far, is HappyCow. I’ve travelled to many different countries over the past few years and my dietary choices can often make it hard to find decent, healthy food options. But this app has made the search incredibly easy and I’m increasingly surprised by the data it has on restaurants and stores in even the most remote locations.

It’s a simple and quick-to-use front-end for extensive and elusive information. You can search based on your individual preferences and read reviews from other users to help make an informed decision.

Happ Cow App


I feel this app really highlights the usefulness of community-resourced data and does an amazing job of encouraging its users to contribute their knowledge to help it evolve further.



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