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How do you get employees to focus on valuable customer experiences rather than operational transactions? The application of technology has transformed many businesses but what about a sector as traditional as the library?

As one of the leading not-for-profit libraries in the UK, Suffolk Libraries want to pioneer innovative and modern library services and transform the face of their organisation.

Self-service simplicity

Suffolk Libraries’ new, fully scalable app provides a simple and easy to use interface allowing customers to borrow, renew and return books faster, allowing librarians and employees more time to engage in enriching the customer experience.

The Work

Insight & Discovery

An extensive customer research phase inspired the design of the software and hardware required to build the best app possible. We deep dived into the customer journey to analyse goals, ergonomics, demographics, frustrations and experiences to inform the features and functions of our application.

Ease at the centre

We designed the application to be device agnostic, simple to install anywhere and developed to suit a range of hardware. The app enables users to self-serve from end to end, increasing the speed of service and driving satisfaction by improving ease within the customer experience.

Connected platforms

By using Spydus LMS we were able to automate a range of processes including barcode scanning to streamline the complete range of library functions, providing workflow automation for staff and a simple, intuitive and responsive experience for library users.


Realising the future

The app has transformed the experience of customers and employees at Suffolk Libraries. Our application has reduced the cost of hardware by over 20%, as well as increasing customer satisfaction and income generation exponentially.   

Our strategic partnership with Suffolk Libraries is an integral part of their success and achieving their 2020 strategy: to transform lives through access to knowledge and resources.

Dr Alice Violett


"We would definitely encourage other libraries to look into taking the same approach to self-service. Our old machines were bulky, and it was expensive to maintain them and buy additional units. We really appreciate the extra flexibility they give us – more power to the library!"

Transferable Benefits

This intuitive self-serve solution has been transformative in helping to manage thousands of daily transactions at dozens of libraries. Following on from strong industry demand for this innovative solution, we’ve created a simple, fast and intuitive new platform for libraries called Verso.

We believe the same system could also improve performance in a number of organisations including retail stores, restaurants, transport hubs, hotels and more where customers could self-serve.

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