Delivering the best digital experiences to your customers is a priority in all businesses. Understanding what drives a positive customer experience is unique to each business; personalisation, ease, and service all have a role to play. The opportunity is immense – delivering great experiences are a huge driver of customer advocacy and satisfaction, which are in turn strong drivers of revenue.

P&O carried over 10 million customers between the UK and continental Europe last year, so delivering the best experiences to their customers is a pivotal part of their strategy and ongoing success.

It's all about the experience

P&O’s new mobile app puts the customer at the heart of the journey. By integrating with existing services, engagement channels, and new backend systems, the app enables personalised features such as digital ticketing, travel updates and special offers to provide a seamless digital experience.

The Work

Designed for land and sea

Our design team set to work to re-imagine P&O’s brand on mobile. Importantly, the app was designed to work well at sea where connectivity can be hit and miss. All content is downloaded and cached on the device to ensure it’s always there, even when the internet is not.

Dynamic content delivered

The app is both fully native and fully content managed. Every detail, every piece of content, even the navigation itself can be updated, versioned, work-flowed and managed through a powerful Sitecore back end.

Fully managed service

We continue to deliver value to P&O through a fully managed service. By leveraging the latest cloud technology we can deploy the entire infrastructure at the click of a button. We give P&O piece of mind with 99.9% uptime SLA’s, minute by minute backup and cloud savvy 24/7 support.


Supercharging Success

Since the launch of the app, P&O have continued to go from strength to strength announcing an increase in tourist carryings over almost 5 percent, delivering their strongest July since 2015. They’ve also been recognised with “Best Ferry Company” and “Favourite Ferry Company” awards at the Globe Travel Awards 2018.

Sarah Rosier


"The mobile app will give our passengers the opportunity to make the most of what our extraordinary ships have to offer. The customer experience on board a ship today recalls the unforgettable style of the famous P&O liners of the past. The big difference is that with our new app, you’re the captain."

Transferable Benefits


We have changed the way in which P&O approach their communications and given them real insight into how to drive the best digital experiences for customers.

We know that a range of organisations in travel, retail, hospitality and more could benefit from empowering the experiences they deliver with the features of this app, providing a dynamic, simple and informed experience.

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