How do you leverage technology to increase productivity? The application of the latest technology has driven innovation and efficiency across a range of sectors but can we apply these best practices to the world of legal?

As one of latest “Legal-Tech” start-ups, Casedo is on a mission to create intelligent software with the single intention of making the lives of legal professionals easier. The Casedo team approached us with an innovative idea to increase lawyers productivity.

Building the case

The idea was to create an intuitive digital workspace able to handle multiple cases and multiple documents at once, enabling the user to work more effectively within a paperless office space. We developed an intuitive case bundling desktop app for barristers, solicitors, and paralegals, designed to organise and manage cases with ease.

The Work

Creating a paperless office

The app enables users to import documents, tag, sort and create cross-references in a digital workspace, giving a single view of each case.

A cross platform solution

The Casedo team wanted to target both Mac and Windows users so we built the app with Electron as it’s foundation, with React and Redux to create the components, allowing for browser isolation, improved efficiency and access to the latest frameworks as they are released. We leveraged the latest in IPC (Inter-process communication) enabling users to upload pdf documents with ease.

User centricity

We created a seamless user interface which was thoroughly user tested internally and externally in order to ensure that we create a natural environment for Casedo users when working on critical cases.


Innovation and improved productivity

The app provides over 800 legal professionals in 400 law firms, chambers and universities with a single view of a case, enabling them to focus on where they can add the most value. Instantly increasing effectiveness and productivity, the app simplifies the doing, empowering users to focus on the thinking required to succeed. 

The app has also been shortlisted for the Legal Week Innovation Awards and the B2B App of the Year at the UK App Awards.



George Harris


“Our partnership with Dootrix has been fundamental to us translating our vision for Casedo into a reality. Our desire to deliver to high-quality product that engages and improves the lives of legal professionals has seen us strive to innovate and commit to continuously improve our product, and Dootrix has been with us every step of the way.”

Transferable Benefits

Whilst this tool has revolutionised the way in which legal teams are able to work with large bundles of documents, we believe the features of our app could drive tangible change and productivity increases for other organisations and individuals such as universities, police forces, estate agents and others required to handle documents of a similar size.

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