Why Reliable Infrastructure Deployments are Essential to your Cloud Transformation


With the cloud market set to reach over $259 billion this year, it’s no wonder that Forbes is stating that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020

This move to the cloud is tearing down the barriers to change and allowing enterprises to transform and innovate faster: edging out their competition and winning the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers. 

Intelligent cloud services are enabling a range of products that leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice UX, image recognition, industrial IoT, data analytics and more – the list is long and is growing month by month. 

But as cloud starts to mature, there are a large number of enterprises at the start of their cloud transformation journey.

The journey of 1,000 miles, begins with the first step

When development starts moving into the cloud, it’s natural to want to move fast and see results quickly. With markets constantly changing and stories of AI dominating the future of tech, it’s easy to understand why enterprises are often encouraged to deliver their first deployments at pace, often at the cost of longevity. 

By trying to win the race for cloud transformation, enterprises can struggle with a lack of comparability between projects during this crucial first stage. By limiting the ability to effectively measure the success of deployments you can unintentionally burn through a lot of time and budget before you know what good really looks like. 

So what’s the best way to tackle this common challenge?

Standardise early

Standardise as early as possible. By making sure your infrastructure deployments are reliable, you can save both time and resource in several numbers of areas. Once you’ve got accepted and effective standards in place, your deployments become repeatable and new projects require less work. 

By enforcing security practices into your deployments, you’re reducing mistakes and the minimising the opportunity for human error, as well as future security risks. And with standardisation, comes better project accounting. You’ll know where your costs lie and what’s driving them becomes much easier to identify. 

The trick is to create high quality, standardised, repeatable and reliable infrastructure deployments that help drive your business forward. 

Accelerate your journey to the cloud

Prioritising deployment standards in the midst of digital transformation is a challenge for many reasons, but with the right approach, organisations can not only deliver better quality infrastructure deployments, but they can also reduce costs and get to the cloud faster.

We’ve written a free eBook, the Enterprise Architect’s Guide to Reliable Infrastructure Deployments in the Cloud, where we break down our strategy in easy steps that help you create high quality, standardised, repeatable and reliable infrastructure deployments to accelerate your journey into the cloud.

You can download it now.

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