Why Microsoft are still the guys to beat

Rob Borley
on 15 January 2013

Department of Defense licenses $617 million in Microsoft products – http://www.techradar.com/us/news/software/department-of-defense-licenses-617-million-in-microsoft-products-1122883

I could end the article there really. The enterprise space is still in love with Microsoft.

Earlier this month it was announced that the US Department of Defence had signed a new deal to license Microsoft products worth a staggering $617 million. At a time where we are being led to believe that Microsoft are floundering with a stop start launch of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface, yet again, they prove that they are the kings of the enterprise.

Apple are advancing but Microsoft are dug-in.

Apple have taken huge leaps forward in capturing the consumer market with their iOS based products driving users into the Apple ecosystem and on into replacing their ageing laptops and desktops with mac equivalents. But while Apple are making discreet advances into the enterprise and pseudo-enterprise markets it is Microsoft who are still leading the way.

With a long history of software assurance and compliance agreements as well as a base of resident professionals who understand, augment and develop Microsoft technology moving multi million dollar IT infrastructure into the Apple domain is a massive decision to make. To put it bluntly; better the devil you know.

Microsoft and Apple can play together.

That’s not to say that it is not happening. At Dootrix we are working with a number of large enterprise clients who are rolling out iPhones and iPads to their employees. Finding ways for new Apple hardware and software to interface with current and legacy Microsoft systems is one of the challenges that we are enjoying with increasing regularity. But a wholesale replacement of one for the other is simply not going to happen. Too much historical investment in software, infrastructure and people has gone into using Microsoft systems. That investment is not going to be thrown away.

This deal with the DoD highlights very well that despite what the media may call a failing mobile strategy from Microsoft large-scale and wholesale adoption of Windows 8 / Windows RT and Microsoft Surface hardware in enterprise is only an IT contract agreement cycle away.

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