Welcome to Manchester and the Dootrix Mill

Tim LeRoy
on 13 March 2017

Now we are by the coast and in the powerhouse.

We’re very excited to announce that Dootrix now has a new home in the Northern Powerhouse, slap bang in the middle of Manchester, in the Beehive Mill in Ancoats, once the home of legendary club Sankys.

We’ve been looking for the right place to open a new office for a while and although some things can be a long time coming, when they do arrive, they do so in a hurry.  A combination of the right people and the right place arrived shortly after the New Year, so we’re delighted to welcome Charlie Allen as our Delivery Director and lead man in the North.

Charlie is an old friend of ours – he was not only a client in a previous role, but also Rob’s old boss, so we know him well and trust him to build another brilliant part of the Dootrix team. To start with we’ll be based in the co-working loft in the Mill; a building with an appropriately industrial past, rejuvenated into a beautifully 21st century digital space.

Getting to work with Charlie again was a huge plus, but it quickly became obvious that Manchester was the right place for Dootrix office number two.  We already have several existing clients in the city and our recent visits have convinced us that this is a place with our kind of spirit. It’s an engineering stronghold and a creative hotbed.

Manchester is enjoying an ‘Industrial Evolution’ and is not only the fastest growing British economy outside of London, but also was recently voted one of the best places in the world to live by Lonely Planet.

As Charlie points out, it has a vibrant digital and software scene, with lots of meetups, events and conferences, and respected organisations from the Co-op to the BBC have made Manchester the centre for their digital excellence, innovation, incubation and community development; so it makes sense to join them.

There are more undergraduate and postgraduate students in Manchester than any other area in the UK (outside of London)  and we’re looking forward to tapping into the flow of innovation and brainpower coming out of the Universities of Manchester, Salford & Metropolitan. Great people are gravitating to this scene and Manchester is growing in the very best way.

Establishing Dootrix North opens up new opportunities, with new people and new clients and it puts us at the heart of a very dynamic and forward thinking region. Exactly where we like to be.

Give us a call and come and meet Charlie at the Dootrix Mill, or if you’re stuck in the south, come and meet us on the Dootrix Farm.  

Take your pick – rural or industrial – city or country – it doesn’t matter which suits you best, you’ll get the same passion, expertise and excellence which ever Dootrix location you choose.


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