We Believe

Kevin Smith
on 05 February 2016

We have been doing some serious soul searching recently. At Dootrix we have always known that culture is not about the type of coffee machine you have, or how many beanbags you can fill up your office with. That stuff can be nice. But it’s not culture.

Culture is what you have left when everything else is stripped away. Its what makes a good team a great team; a workplace a work ethic.

Who are we? What makes a Dootrixer a Dootrixer? Well, we’ve had a good hard look at ourselves and this is what we have come up with. A manifesto of sorts. The things we believe now, and the things we need to uphold as we go forward.

So here you go. What do we believe? What makes us us? We think it’s this.

We believe there is beauty in simplicity; we take away noise and maximise impact.

We believe in using both sides of the brain; engineering and design on equal footing.

We believe there is power in process; we create order out of chaos by insisting upon focus.

We believe in human to human; we achieve the best results through collaboration and discussion.

We believe in challenge; we fight to do the right thing, the right way.

We believe in people; we don’t just hire great people; we enable them. And we create them.

We believe in better. We believe in together.


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