Turning K2’s High Performance Coaching Into a Powerful Digital Learning Platform

Kevin Smith
on 15 July 2016

Taking The Human Performance Experts Global

K2 are Human Performance Experts. Using their background in elite sport, K2 offer performance expertise and coaching to businesses and organisations in the UK and globally. Their mission is to help the world think, prepare and perform like elite athletes; they work with individuals, teams and businesses to not just have potential, but fulfil it.

K2 have worked with thousands of people in hundreds of organisations in 31 countries on 6 continents over the past 12 years. They have supported multiple gold medal winning athletes and coaches at the last 5 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


The Opportunity

To fulfil their mission, K2 wanted a way of sharing their expertise – insight, practical tools and coaching material – with people around the world who were interested in improving their performance – at work, at play, at home. In that way, they would expand their reach beyond the physical limitations of their expert consultants and share everything that they know; turning their niche consultancy business into a global product.

The service that K2 provide is built around relationships and personal connections. They wanted to translate this same sense of their culture to their digital offering and to build a global product to share their premium content with the a much wider audience.


The Approach

In order to understand how to take K2’s broad vision and pin down a product roadmap, Dootrix led a discovery phase involving stakeholder interviews, user focus groups and a competitor review. This built up a picture of the major challenges to overcome in order deliver the K2 vision for The Performance Room.

The first challenge was to translate the human expertise and integrity of the K2 team into a compelling digital experience.

The Dootrix design team worked very closely with K2, interweaving the brand, the desired personality and tone with the user goals highlighted by the discovery phase. The strong sense of relationship developed when interacting with the K2 trainers was vital to design an authentic K2 experience.

With the brand identity in place the next challenge was to develop and deploy an engaging digital content delivery and learning platform. Engaging K2 consultants is as much about relationship and community as it is about expert knowledge, exercise and advise.

Finally, the whole package was wrapped in a SaaS membership programme and facilitated by an e-commerce layer to take payment and deliver the digital goods.

The discovery, design and development process was deployed to good effect as the Dootrix team led K2 through the entire product development lifecycle.


The Results


Dootrix delivered a responsive web application called The Performance Room. It’s a beautiful online tool encompassing a strong brand identity, marketing tools and most importantly a content delivery and learning platform.

Using the latest responsive web design techniques, developed in HTML5 and deployed using WordPress and Stripe, the Performance Room is optimised for use on both desktop and mobile. It is well placed to enable K2 to continue delivering world class training both digitally and face-to-face.

Working with Dootrix, K2 have transformed their businesses by embracing digital; opening up global markets and facilitating continued growth beyond their traditional physical limits.

Dootrix continue to provide fully comprehensive support services as part of their ongoing relationship with K2.


Download the full case study (PDF)


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