Three great ideas we’ve seen this year

Tim LeRoy
on 23 December 2016

what 3 words


The most frequently used phrase in any mobile phone conversation is “where are you?” Most of the world had no address, until now. The idea’s power is, as always, in its simplicity. Divide the globe – oceans and all – into a couple of trillion 3m x 3m squares and give each a unique three word identifier.

“where are you?”

“At the Pyramid stage watching Radiohead with 80,000 other muddy people.”

“where are you exactly? I’ve got your cider.”


Or if you are a Yak herder who needs vet supplies, Mongolia Post can deliver them to you in your yurt at flatten.patch.stolen .  Or if you’re stuck on a sandbank in the Solent with a rapidly rising tide, the RNLI can rescue you at lure.votes.lurching.

You can find us at bookmark.spilled.palm





Ethereum, is a “crypto value and blockchain-based consensus network.” Translated: It might be the foundation for a totally new digital universe. Like the web, but better. Maybe.

Its potential is not really about bitcoin, or even money, but it is quite difficult to get your head around. This feature on it’s founder Vitalik Buterin helps a bit (LINK) and in this article (LINK) several people have a valiant attempt at making it easier to comprehend. We think you’ll hear a lot more about it next year.


message in a bottle

Money for old plastic

In the UK, we use an estimated 38.5 million plastic bottles every day, yet shockingly, we fail to recycle almost half of these. Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) were instrumental in lobbying for the 5p plastic bag tax and it had a huge, immediate and profound impact (LINK to BBC report).

We’ve started working with SAS and their next big idea is a deposit return for plastic bottles. It’s simple and it works. You can help make it happen.


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