The Reading Room

Tim LeRoy
on 01 August 2016

Welcome to the Dootrix Reading Room, our library of stimulating things for both sides of your brain.

We like libraries and as we described in a previous post, we like curators who can show us good things to read, to listen to and to watch.

It’s a well-documented problem that the flood of information, articles, podcasts, videos and resources has been described as like “trying to drink from a firehose”.  Truly ‘valuable content’ has become very hard to find in the cacophony of the internet, so a guide with an eye and an ear for the useful, and the inspiring is invaluable.

Blogs on companies’ websites can often be slightly dry and self-centred places, focussing solely on their own wonderful achievements (and we’ve been a bit guilty of this too in the past), so with that in mind we decided to try and create our own library of useful resources, information, opinions and articles that would be worth coming back to on a regular basis.

The Reading Room is going to be home to the best content (for now there’s no better catch-all word) that the Dootrix team have been reading, watching and hearing.  It’s a collaborative effort and the only rules we’ve set for our curators are: if you like it, someone else probably will too, but nothing likely to offend. Only good things here.

left brain right brain

What’s in the Reading Room?

We’re a technology company and we’re software engineers so there will be plenty of that, but we’re committed to using both sides of our brains, so alongside the technical, there will be just as much about creativity.  There will be code, and there will be choirs, devs and design, geekery and bakery. You get the idea.  You can sort articles by categories as you’d expect, or just select Right Brain or Left Brain, and focus on the side you prefer to favour.

Of course there are still going to be posts about our wonderful achievements too, but we’re trying to make our own posts as useful, interesting and maybe even as inspiring as those that we’re recommending from outside the Dootrix farm.

Happy reading. Come back soon.


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