Our Process

Our agile teams continuously deliver working software and empower your organisation to embrace changing requirements.

Agility is fundamental to everything we do, but true agility depends upon discipline and focus.


Planning meetings are run every two weeks involving key stakeholders. This includes the product owner, the developers and the testers. Requirements are prioritised, discussed and estimated, warts and all.


Features are developed with continuous attention to technical excellence and good design. Automated tools are used to maintain standards and reduce time wasted. Peer reviews help improve quality and spread knowledge throughout the team.


A dedicated delivery and quality assurance team test everything. Automated builds are delivered for testing as soon as a feature is ready. Testing is carried out against formal acceptance criteria defined during the planning phase.


We deploy software over-the-air to your organisation at the end of every release cycle. It’s as simple as clicking a button in an email. When it comes to going live, or running your app stores, we can handle the whole thing for you as well.


We reflect on how to improve and become more effective at the end of every iteration. We fine tune and adjust our behaviour accordingly to ensure we can continuously deliver valuable software.

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