This month’s most useful tools for developers < November 2018


Some are about new thinking or new techniques, some are about legacy technology and some are just useful resources for different languages or platforms. Some are just lolz. The brief is simple – if we think they’re useful, you might too.


Want to make sense of React Hooks?

Look no further.


Oh, hey BERT!

Heyyyy      ?


Looking for an interactive IP address and CIDR range visualiser?



Learn service workers inside and out



with the new PWA mastery game. COOL.


UI Inspiration?

Oh you, here you go.


The eternal birth and death of infinite parallel universes.

Excuse me? What? Woooooah.


Summary of the React Conference 2018




The technical explanation for Taylor Swift lyrics?




Switching all app dev to PHP?

No, ta.



The state of the Octoverse

What’s kracken?


The graphic art of incredibles 2.

No capes!


Flutter: the good, the bad

and the ugly.


Nexflix and Creepy?

Eye-opening (ha!) new technology from Netflix. Read more here.


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