This month’s most useful tools for developers – February 2017

Tim LeRoy
on 14 February 2017

Some are about new thinking or new techniques, some are about old or legacy technology and some are just useful resources for different languages or platforms.  The brief is simple – if we think they’re useful, you might too.

Books, stacked to overflowing…

best books

“We analysed more than 40 000 000 questions and answers on to bring you the top of most mentioned books”  [link]


Chocolatey is software management automation for Windows that wraps installers, executables, zips, and scripts into compiled packages.   One of the team explains, “I’m a Windows n00b so forgive me if this is old hat, but as a fan of things like AptGet and Homebrew for mac, this is a bit of a saving grace. [link] 

Firefox’s Contextual Identity Project

Nice feature… “users have different contexts when they browse the web. They may not want to mix their social network context with their work context. The goal of this project is to allow users to separate these different contexts while browsing the web on Firefox.”

Somewhere between privacy mode and share all the things… [link]

The top JS tech of 2016:

The JavaScript community is going full speed on innovation, what was once trendy becomes old-fashioned a few months later.  2016 is over, you may think you missed something important? Don’t worry, this is a complete overview of the JavaScript landscape in 2016: trends about front-end and node.js frameworks, tooling, IDE, Static site generators… [link]

Danger is my middle name

Automate pull request style checking: Danger checks incoming Pull Requests for meta errors, including cultural mishaps, common issues and much more.” [link]

How can I configure zsh to be the default shell under Cygwin?

Good question. Here’s the answer [link]


WhitestormJS is a framework for 3D web apps built with Three.js technology.  It implements a core with component system and plugin support for fast development of 3D scene with physics. [link]

Going Mac to Windows?

Dave has taken the trouble to blog about his experience to make it easier for you.  We found this a particularly helpful one. [link]

Maybe this is helpful too: Babun a Windows shell you will love (maybe). [link]

Top ten pull request review mistakes

“It’s so tempting. The pull request is really big, and the submitter is someone you trust. They’ve been working in this part of the code for a while, and it has always worked out well.” [link]

Code maturity

Interesting take on code maturity, maintenance and minimalism. “In that time I’ve added roughly 4,062,847 lines of code to the code base, and deleted roughly 3,753,677 line of code.” [link]

Swift vs. React Native Feels


Ash Furrow says, “It’s a long read, but worth it. The post describes why we made the decision to move all new development into React Native instead of Swift. So here’s my side of the story: my team make a decision I disagreed with, but it turned out to be the right decision for us. I had to come to terms with that.” [link]



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