Mobile news consumption

Rob Borley
on 01 October 2012

For some time I have been talking about the different situations in which your organisation should consider an app and those situations where a web based solution is more appropriate. Rather than an app being the default, cool, goto place, the general principle should always be that apps are for task based activities and the web is for content.

Grey news

However, news has always been a grey area. While news is essentially content to be consumed news venders have invested heavily in native apps in an attempt to leverage the explosion in mobile technology and offset some of their declining offline circulation. I concede that reading the news can be considered as a task and I, myself, use a combination of native apps, feed readers and websites to consume such content.

Research published by Pew Research has suggested that I am not alone. Many people seem to be multi channel consumers with mobile apps simply augmenting, rather than replacing, website based consumption. However, around 60% of those surveyed said that they used the web over apps in a majority of news reading situations.

Content belongs on the web

Not exactly a decisive blow but it does add weight to the idea that news is content and that content belongs on the web. This is certainly the case for organisational news. Users will not download an app to consume your content except in vary specific circumstances. Your news, like all of your content, belongs on the web.

How about you? How do you consume your daily news fix?


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