iPad mini is perfect for business and enterprise

Rob Borley
on 21 November 2012

Apple have been making steady progress into business and enterprise. The iPad has been picked up by many organisations for its power, portability, and the shear joy consumers experience when they use it. Employees who use their iPad’s day to day want that same experience from their business IT too. Apple has also made strong gains in the ‘almost enterprise’ sector of education. The iPad in schools has been a huge growth market.

But what of the iPad mini? It lacks the power of its larger sibling and everything is, well, just smaller. What can it add to the business and enterprise space?

Not a poor mans iPad

At first glance the iPad mini seems to be aimed squarely are the lower end consumer market. A poor mans iPad. And while there are obvious gains to be made by apple in the smaller tablet space it still comes in as the highest priced tablet in it class. It’s still a high end product of the ilk that we have come to expect from apple. As we heard at the launch; “every inch an iPad.” I do not expect apple to ever make a play for the budget space. So a consumer device, yes. But this new form factor lends itself nicely to a number of areas of business too.

Business is hungry for iPad

iPad mini at Dootrix

Enterprise loves the iPad

Many SME’s are already seeing the benefits of iPad adoption. We are seeing iPad’s pop up in all sorts of places from store fronts and front line sales teams to providing a connection with the office on the move and keeping track of expense accounts. But it’s the little aside that was thrown in by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the recent launch event for the iPad mini that is of real interest. He announced that 92% of the Fortune 500 are “trying out” the iPad.

Enterprise is hungry for the tablet device and they are eager to find ways to integrate them into their systems and processes. With that in mind the smaller apple device is perfect for integration into point of sale systems; in store either as very shiny pay points or to be carried by shop assistants as they help customers to make their purchase. In fact sales in general can benefit from the mini. A salesperson who travels with a car load of sample products or brochures can now have a digital version on the iPad mini. The business case was already made for the iPad but the smaller footprint of the mini makes it all the more compelling.

Another area of impact will be stock and warehouse management. Rather than printed pick lists or digital clipboards staff can now seemlessly fulfil an order, update stock levels and push advice slips to email addresses and web systems. Holding a one handed device makes this all the more practical.

It’s all about volume

And this brings us back to price. While it is at the top end for a consumer tablet the lower price point (when compared to an iPad retina) makes a significant difference to project viability when purchasing devices in any kind of volume. This is the case for SME’s and Schools, as well as large enterprise. The fact that the iPad mini is £50 – £100 less expensive than its larger sibling will soon add up over 10’s, 100’s and even 1000’s of devices.

The iPad mini is, and will continue to be a huge consumer product success. The surprise impact, to some at least, will be how quickly we see them in the enterprise and almost enterprise spheres.

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