Tim LeRoy
on 07 October 2016

Inspiring people on our walls and on Instagram.

Go and discover them. They all have amazing stories.

We’re facing two small challenges and so we’re trying a new thing to kill two birds with one stone.

Firstly, we’re growing rapidly so we’ve taken over the office next door and the walls were a little bare so we needed some new pictures. Although we love motivational posters as much as the next man, we felt we could do better and invent our own kind of inspiration.

Secondly, we wanted to do something a bit different with the way Dootrix use Instagram. We like showing the occasional slice of what life on the team is like, but our favourite Instagram accounts are not pictures of lunches and selfies, but those that make us think a little bit — maybe even inspire us.

So every month we’re going to post portraits of interesting people. People who you probably don’t know but who have done interesting things that are worth reading about or watching or listening to in a bit more depth.

It’s not a complicated idea, but the point is that there’s something special about discovering inspirational people’s stories for yourself, especially if you are prepared to do your own digging and thinking.

The Dootrix team members will suggest interesting people they find interesting, and then we’ll post their portraits and names, and then it’s then up to anyone interested to discover more about them. No links or extra information, it’s up to you and your chosen search tool from there.

There’s no point having Muhammad Ali or Gandhi and their sort— they have their place on lots of walls — the idea is to learn more about amazing people who aren’t necessarily global icons, but who have changed or are changing a small slice of the world in their own way.

Researching and reading beyond a Wikipedia page should provide new things to read, to watch, to listen to and maybe it’ll expand a mind or two.

The first three are on Instagram now. 

Look them up. Read their stories, watch their videos, listen to their talks and enjoy their work.


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