“I’m a problem solver. I’m very good at breaking things”

Elliott King
on 07 July 2017

Welcome Tracey Ford, our new Senior Test Analyst.

By her own admission, Tracey fell into testing systems and software by accident. Working in the Civil Service with the Department for Work and Pensions, she volunteered for a role testing the implementation of a new internal IT service, and found her calling.

“I’ve always been interested in technology, from an early age, and I’m a bit of a geek so problem solving seemed to come naturally. That’s what test engineering is all about really – problem-solving. Plus I’m very good at breaking things.”

After more than a decade with the civil service and with the private sector, she now has a lengthy list of qualifications, and an impressive track-record in software testing and analysis across a range of industries and disciplines, so we’re delighted  to have her on the team.

Rigorous testing is central to the Dootrix development process, and Tracey joins us to fulfill two big roles: firstly to lead our Quality Assurance and Testing function, but almost more importantly, to nurture and train our young test engineers, because as our Technical Director points out, “we like building quality people and quality software.”

The Dootrix University programme is now about to enter year three, and our apprentices’ role in testing has become integral to our team’s work.  Tracey learnt her trade on the job, and emphasises the benefits she gained from working directly with developers and learning from within the heart of software engineering teams. She epitomises the Dootrix University philosophy of ‘learning is better by doing’, and she is looking forward to mentoring our new generation of developers, as well as the challenges of working on large projects for a diverse range customers.

Welcome to the Farm Tracey, go ahead and see what you can break. It’s your job now.



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