Helping Heathrow to enable their Citizen Developers using the Microsoft Power Platform


Heathrow are on a journey as the UK’s busiest airport to give every one of their 3 million monthly passengers the best airport service in the world. With a mission to make flying more sustainable through the Heathrow 2.0 vision while serving over 80 long haul destinations, Heathrow are an organisation that is constantly progressing.  

We are proud to be working with the team at Heathrow setting a new standard for Power Platform maturity and Application Life Cycle management, through the roll-out of a comprehensive operating model. By working closely with the Heathrow team, we are ensuring that their use of the Microsoft Power Platform to automate, build and analyse business processes is secure, governed and enables their community of Digital Champions. The cloud transformation of Heathrow is happening at a rapid pace for the forward-looking organisation.   

Since our first project together, back in 2016, we have been inspired by Heathrow’s drive to make a real difference for the passengers and businesses which rely upon them to connect them to their destinations. 

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