We’ve seen the future, and it will blow your mind.

Tim LeRoy
on 23 November 2016

Don’t worry, your brain is safe, but the end of the year is in sight so it’s a good time to look into the future. We’ve weeded out the fanciful and tried to keep it real. Lots of mind-blowing stats and predictions.

The number of mobile subscriptions now exceeds the world’s population.

Golly, that’s quite a stat. The future of mobile, IoT and connected devices from the The Ericsson Mobility Report. [link]

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Predictions For 2017 And Beyond.

Another look into the crystal ball, from a different perspective. Gartner’s top strategic predictions for 2017 and beyond describe not only the disruptive effects of digital business innovation but how secondary ripple effects will often prove to be more disruptive than the original disruption. [link to Forbes’ synopsis]

There’s no place like phone. Consumer usage patterns in the era of peak smartphone.

“The smartphone user base is approaching an unprecedented peak. No other personal device has
had the same commercial and societal impact as the smartphone, and no other current device
seems likely to.” A very interesting read (PDF) from the bean-counters at Deloitte. [link]

What happens if you just forget about the PC altogether?

If we are in the era of ‘peak smartphone’, then Ben Evans makes a good case for a PC-free future – both conceptually and literally. “What happens if you presume all of the sophistication that a modern smartphone has and a PC does not, and if you also presume that, with 650m iPhones in use and 2.5bn smartphones in total, you can build a big company without thinking about the low end anymore?[link]

Where The Web Is Going.

The web is a strange place governed by multiple standards that together define how things work. It’s a few months old now but this post is still relevant and interesting for developers looking at what’s going on under the hood of the web. [link]

And to finish….We’ve seen the future, and it will blow your mind.

New Scientist is 60 years old this month so they gaze another 60 years forward, to 2076. Don’t worry, your brain is quite safe. [link to infinity, and beyond]


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