Evermix partners with Dootrix to create social streaming app for DJs

Kevin Smith
on 25 May 2016

Building a digital platform for the worlds top DJs

Evermix is a brand new digital platform that enables the worlds top DJs to connect with their fans and followers. As such, it is the first social streaming platform aimed solely at the electronic music industry and its fans.

Through Evermix, DJs have the technology to record live at clubs and events by plugging their smartphone and mixer into ‘MixBox’, a pocket-sized recording device created and developed by Evermix, and upload instantly and wirelessly to their very own Evermix page.

Music fans can access recordings via the web, as well as via an innovative mobile app on iOS and Android. This extends the interaction between DJs and music fans beyond anything available to date.

The Opportunity

Having secured funding to take their DJ platform into open beta, Evermix were looking to rapidly scale their technology team.

The initial stage had involved a few core team members and a handful of freelancers but it was proving difficult to hire developers for the long haul. Located in the heart of Manchester, not far from Media City, the transient freelance market was running at capacity and competition for local app developers was fierce.

Evermix were introduced to Dootrix. With a proven history of running inclusive multi-site teams, a track record of partnering with maturing startups and a reputation for rock solid app development, it was a perfect match.

Using Dootrix would allow Evermix to build a team immediately and would give them the flexibility to scale up and down as the startup matured and funding allowed.


The Approach

Dootrix and Evermix worked hard to establish an inclusive team. The product owner, designers and front end developers would work out of Evermix’s Manchester office. The iOS app developers, testers and backend API developers would work out of the Dootrix office, near London.

The team would meet together remotely for planning meetings every two weeks, and chat together every day during standup’s and over Slack. It was important to everyone that this would be a dual-located team; there would be no “us and them”.

Initially, the team came together for a two day workshop session at Evermix in Manchester. As is typical in a first stage startup, there was no real process in place and features were developed ad-hoc. This often becomes a hindrance as a startup matures.

Dootrix helped Evermix to establish a mature and proven process that would help the two parties work together and begin to establish quality and traceability.

The whole team were able to talk face to face to define roles, map out the backlog and facilitate hands on knowledge transfer. These initial sessions were fun, foundational and invaluable.

The Results

Dootrix worked primarily on the Evermix DJ app. The app connects to a hardware MixBox and allows DJs to record their sets, live. An important aspect of the development was to enable ‘Magic Sync’ over Amazons S3, which was used to store recordings in the cloud.

Once uploaded the sets are processed with Amazons Elastic Transcoder. This additional step allows the music to be efficiently streamed via the app and the website. The synchronisation and transcoding needed to be seamless. The user doesn’t need to know or care about failed operations, lack of WiFi or bad data connections; it just needs to work.

Dootrix used their considerable engineering expertise to architect a solution that, for all intents and purposes, did appear magic. They also worked hard with the designers and product owner to establish a brand new user interface and workflow.

Following a public app store release, the app has been taken out of closed beta and is being used by world famous DJs at venues all over the UK and abroad.

Download the full case study (PDF)


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