Dootrix & Optus Homes


We’re delighted to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement to deliver Azure cloud architectural consultancy and mobile app development services for Optus Homes.

Optus Homes are one of the UK’s most promising start-ups, and their app allows private and social tenants to manage their home rental account with ease. By integrating with existing housing management solutions, the app is also able to generate significant efficiencies and savings for landlords.

“As the rental market continues to change, customer service will be a key area of judgement. For landlords who understand the need for a genuine mobile-first approach but can’t commit the time and resources to build it from scratch, Optus Homes exists to disrupt the service balance by allowing you to put the tenant at the centre of your offering. Zero development costs for a powerful mobile app solution in your brand and built so that it easily integrates with your existing systems – and available on a monthly PaaS contract.”

Gerry Kelly, CEO, Optus Homes

By leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, the app is able to offer the latest features and functionality to deliver the best experience to customers. Voice to text, real-time language translation and a suite of 2-way community messaging features are on the roadmap for 2020. The community features on the app will enable better communications between groups of tenants and landlords, allowing issues to be raised and resolved faster.

“This is exactly the type of innovation that the latest developments in Azure can provide to organisations. I’m excited to see how the Optus Homes eco-system evolves in 2020.”

Steve Leonard, App Innovation Lead, Microsoft

We’re thrilled to be able to help the team at Optus Homes to evolve their product and architecture as they continue to disrupt and innovate the UK housing sector.

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