Dootrix and Clancy Docwra

Elliott King
on 17 November 2017

We are delighted to announce that Dootrix has signed a partner agreement to provide software and application development, and consultancy services to Clancy Docwra.

Clancy Docwra Limited is a national construction company, employing over 2,500 staff and operating across the Civil Engineering, Energy, Multi Utility, Rail, Renewables and Water sectors. The company was built on traditional family and business values, and these values of integrity, stability, standards and client satisfaction are still central to their business today.

We have been working with Clancy Docwra on their digital transformation programme for over a year, to help them realise their vision to become ‘the most trusted provider of essential services that keep the UK running.’ We look forward to helping them to build transformational products so that they can unlock new revenue streams, reduce their recurring IT spend, and bring innovative new solutions to market quickly and efficiently.

“This is not about the technology, it is about having the high performing teams who can deliver it.”

Tim Edwards is Associate Director responsible for the company’s technology and innovation and he not only oversees traditional IT networks and hardware, but also the corporate and operational systems. He’s also leading a major business transformation programme, to improve the efficiency of all Clancy’s processes and systems.

Earlier in the year, we interviewed Tim and asked him to explain how he approaches these roles holistically, and what he’s learnt about managing and deploying new technology in a very ‘traditional’ family construction company. [Read the full interview here.]

A winning idea to fix leaks before they happen – Clancy Docwra & Dootrix win prize at the NWG Innovation Festival water-leakage hackathon.

In the U.K 20% of all drinkable water is lost and wasted during distribution. How can we leverage modern technology and big data to help reduce this unnecessary water loss?   In late July we attended Northumbrian Water’s Innovation festival with Clancy Docwra’s team and won the innovation award for our prototype that used Machine Learning to predict when water mains would burst.

Paul Glenister Clancy Docwra’s Mobile System’s Manager said, “This is exactly the kind of innovative thinking we bring to our clients in the real world. Yes, we have the capabilities to fix problems when they happen, but we’re much more interested in how we can help our customers to prevent them happening in the first place. We’re embracing every technology we can to be effective, in predictive analysis, scheduled maintenance and emergency response.”

Charlie Allen, Delivery Director of Dootrix said, “Collaborating with the guys at Clancy & NWG gave us a level of industry insight and domain expertise that was essential for getting straight to the heart of the problem, and from there, finding a simple solution that with further evolution could be deployed quickly in the ‘real’ world.

Our Head of Design Jamie Heuze was part of that team and his write up explains in more detail how the team went about solving that problem.

Writing for the water industry publication WWT,  Tim Edwards explained how our joint team efforts to use Machine Learning to predict bursts and leakage illustrate how the collaborative use of data could help make the most of Artificial Intelligence. “To make true innovation happen in our industry, and to drive real value for customers and shareholders alike, we need to embrace new forms of collaboration, new technologies, and new possibilities.”

If you and your organisation need help to build transformational products to unlock new revenue streams, reduce your recurring IT spend, and bring innovative new solutions to market quickly and efficiently, please do get in touch.


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