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Kevin Smith
on 24 October 2011

I’ve been playing with a few new iPad apps recently and having lots of fun! They really go to show how the iPad is not just a content consumption device. In-fact, in some areas it truly excels as a content creation device.

While the iPad, and tablets in general, may not be the right device for all our heavy lifting needs, their portability and touch centric nature are perfect for a number of traditionally PC-only applications.

So, without further a do, here are my top three content creation apps of the week:

1. Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook pro is my sketching and drawing app of choice. The iPad makes drawing with your finger as fun, powerful and creative as sitting at your PC or drawing with pen and paper. It offers a stunning range of tools and brushes and demonstrates the kind of power you can expect from a tablet app. That it is currently selling for a mere £2.99 is almost unbelievable when compared to similar desktop software that is many more times as expensive. A great example of how content creation on a tablet can outshine that of a PC. True, it may not be quite as powerful, but the experience is hard to beat. Don’t fancy drawing with your finger? Look out for a pogo stylus instead.

Developer website: Autodesk
iTunes: Sketchbook Pro

2. iMockups

We always wire frame our apps with clients. Typically this is done during a workshop session on pen and paper. We then take these back to base and use balsamic mockups to create the finished work-flow.

With iMockups you can mock up your UI on your iPad, either right in front of the client or on the way home. iMockups exports to the same project file as balsamic and can also output to pdf. Options to email the exported project when finished mean that you can have the final wires done and sent off before you even get home for dinner.

Developer website: Endloop Studios
iTunes: iMockups

3. ArtRage

ArtRage is a painting and drawing app like no other I have come across. You can’t beat it for an experience as close to the real thing as you can get. Oil paint can be squeezed out of the tube and then smeared over the canvas. Watercolours can be wet washed on to bleed into existing paint. ArtRage models the paint itself to leave you feeling like you are working with the real deal.

Unfortunately the complex modelling means that the app can become frustrating to use when working with  large oil and watercolour brushes. This is an app that will love the iPad 3, with its faster, meatier processor,  when it finally comes out.

Developer website:
iTunes: ArtRage


What are you using to scratch your creative itch? Share your experience of great content creation apps in the comments below.


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