Cloud Solutions for Enterprise, SMEs & Startups

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Cloud Solutions for Enterprise, SMEs & Startups

We leverage the latest in cloud innovation to create highly available, elastic and fault-tolerant solutions. Serverless by default and with a PaaS (Platform as a Service) first approach, we help accelerate our client’s digital transformation and IT strategies.

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Since the success of our incident reporting app, our partnership with Heathrow has evolved to help them develop a range of PaaS first, DevOps enabled solutions to help drive their organisation forward. With over 75,000 employees keeping the airport running and with 1.2m flights a year, the ability to scale on demand is of critical importance to Heathrow.

A* Travel

Our work with A* Travel, a luxury travel brand in the UK has been heavily focused around cloud transformation. For a business that deals in experiences, making sure their own CX is as seamless and performant as possible is critical to their success. With our team of cloud experts, they migrated their website from on-prem to Azure, scaled it out globally to serve new markets in the US and China, while simultaneously reducing page load times by over 100%, increasing website conversions.


Suffolk Libraries

Suffolk Libraries’ next-generation self-serve platform is helping them transform the experience they deliver to their community. Built using a serverless architecture, the individual elements that reside in the cloud are all independently scalable, allowing for significant cost savings. The fully elastic solution scales seamlessly with the peaks and troughs in demand.

Government Regulatory Body

Our work with a significant government regulatory body has been focused around the development of highly performant APIs for their organisation, allowing consumers access to the latest broadband availability data to inform their purchase decisions. Built using Azure API Management (APIM) and multiple data services, the solution exposes a huge dataset of over 3m records with near-instant worldwide response. Because of our PaaS expertise, we were able to deliver this solution in only 4 weeks.

What makes our cloud solutions best in class?

Cloud Solutions Provider

Our status as a Microsoft CSP  gives us access to the latest innovation in cloud technology and deep experience in leveraging the modern cloud. This, in turn, helps our clients access practical solutions to drive their business forward. As an official Microsoft Gold Partner and CSP provider, we are able to offer our clients best in class 24/7 support and a 1 hour SLA on all things Azure.

PaaS and Serverless Experts

We leverage the modern cloud to go beyond simple lift-and-shift workloads. We are experts at provisioning, hosting and engineering solutions that are built on Microsofts Azure PaaS offering. This allows us to reduce development time by leveraging Azures highly available, fault-tolerant microservices.


Cognitive Services

Companies like Microsoft are commoditising AI services, allowing developers to build intelligent applications with relative ease, deploying complex AI functionality out of the box, saving both time, resource and budget for your applications. Sentiment analysis, image recognition, video analytics, anomaly detection and text to speech are just a handful of the Cognitive Services, powered by prebuilt machine learning models, ready for use today in both mobile and desktop applications.

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