Cloud Solution Provider

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

We’re a different kind of CSP

We are a PaaS first, innovation lead cloud solution provider with a track record of delivering outstanding solutions to our clients.

Born in the cloud

We’re a cloud-first digital partner that lives and breathes technology. We’re highly experienced in leveraging cloud technology to help our clients access tangible innovation and practical solutions that help drive their business performance. Our team proactively explore emerging tech and strive to push the boundaries of innovation.



Next generation workloads

We leverage the modern cloud to go beyond simple lift-and-shift workloads. We are experts at provisioning, hosting and engineering solutions that are built on Microsofts Azure  Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings.


More than just provisioning

Engineering is built into the DNA of our organisation. Who better to provide your cloud than an organisation that intimately understands it? Our team of expert software developers are specialists in engineering globally scalable, fault tolerant, PaaS first, intelligent cloud applications of the future.

A Microsoft partner of record

We have a reputation with Microsoft as a leading innovation partner. This relationship allows us to offer best of breed support and a 1 hour SLA.

We're the team behind


I already have a CSP for Windows and Office 365. Can I have more than one?

Yes. Microsoft recognises that different CSP’s have different specialisms. The partner agreements support and encourage a multi-vendor approach.

How does billing & cost management work?

Your CSP will bill you directly for the Azure resources that you use. At Dootrix, we provide cost management and reporting dashboards to review and manage your spending.

What makes Dootrix different?

We are a new breed of CSP, specialising in Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS). We are uniquely and expertly qualified to help you provision and support the latest solutions built on Azure’s high availability cloud architecture. We are recognised as industry leaders in leveraging over 150 discrete Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Ready to start?

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Our expert team can help you unlock the power of the Microsoft Azure platform and deliver a range of benefits to your organisation.