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Thinking Updates

How can you manage real time incidents quickly and at scale? How do you ensure that large, disparate teams, in multiple locations, can respond simply and efficiently to operational information?

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Put the question another way. How many different tools do your teams use to communicate and how do managers keep track of making sure that the right information gets to the right people, at the right time?

In any large facility from transport hubs to major public events, you’ll probably find half a dozen: from short-wave radios and text messaging, to email, off-the shelf social messaging apps and web-apps like Slack, Yammer and Trello. Who’s listening to what at any one time? Who is online? And who can see that the recipients are actually receiving and responding to those messages.

If a team member reports a problem in a certain area, how many hands and platforms does that information have to pass through before it reaches the people who can solve the issue?  How clear is the audit trail – both for standard internal compliance and when something serious occurs that needs urgent action or more detailed review?



A Modern Messaging Platform

Recently, Dootrix developed an operational communications app for a major airport that allows staff to receive notifications straight to their smartphones. Meaning the right teams, in the right places, know exactly what they need to do and how to respond at all times.

Like many other organisations, the first step is moving away from legacy broadcast systems, to inbound and outbound in-app messaging.  This not only means material savings in telecoms costs and an improved operational efficiency, but also that essential information and reporting now flow easily in both directions. Incidents can instantly be reported by people onsite and relevant notifications or alerts are automatically sent out to the right responders, in the right place, at the right time.

Leaders and managers have a common operational picture, and high-level users have an end to end picture, allowing them to analyse data over time and inform future decisions, staffing levels, maintenance requirements and even policy changes.  Just as importantly, it creates a simplified and personalised workflow for every team member. The app has been designed to clearly highlight key information that any given team or individual needs to see by location, urgency and priority. Users can follow events as they unfold allowing them to react quickly and effectively.

The platform allows for a full end to end audit of any incident or event – every conversation, resolution and action is securely stored – so that debriefs and reviews can be carried out to prevent recurring issues.

Whilst this has radically improved the way in which teams communicate critical information at one of the UK’s major airports, we believe this could also benefit government organisations, transport hubs, venues and complex industrial sites. With teams working at major sporting grounds, conferences, hospitals, train and bus stations, festivals and public events every week, the need to have a cost-effective, accurate and reliable way to manage and audit events on the ground is essential.  And we know how to make that work.

Apps like ours allow your teams to stay informed with up-to-date information, and to respond in real time, in order to be prepared for any eventuality.

[Download the PDF Case Study here]

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