Case Study: Dootrix delivers new vehicle tracking mobile app for Quartix

Rob Borley
on 01 September 2014

Download the full case study (PDF)

iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps deliver mobile fleet tracking

Quartix provide innovative vehicle tracking and fleet management systems to over 5000 international corporate customers including government organisations, housing associations, construction firms, and hospital trusts.

Founded in 2001 and using the best in mapping systems, location databases and communications technology, Quartix set out to create a system that was easier to use than those on the market. The success of the company and its solutions has been recognised by a number of prestigious awards.

The Opportunity

Quartix were looking to build upon the success of their existing vehicle tracking solution. They wanted to offer their customers the extra flexibility of viewing real-time data and the location of their vehicles as well as access other core features of its web based tracking system while on the move.

This was Quartix’s first attempt at mobile application development. They required a team to work with them to develop their current technology so that it was suitable for their customers to use on their mobile devices. Quartix’s own team were highly skilled in web development but didn’t have previous experience of developing native mobile applications.

The Approach

After the initial discovery sessions with the Quartix team, Dootrix scoped a sprint based development programme to deliver the iOS version of the app. After successful delivery of the iOS version, further sprints were added to deliver the application to Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

The initial focus was the iOS release but it was clear from the discovery phase that the medium term goal was to launch across all three major mobile platforms. Dootrix recommended Xamarin. as the most effective way to deliver native applications to each of the three major platforms. This approach enabled the sharing of application business logic while still providing the distinctive look and feel of each platform that Quartix customers expect from their devices.

The initial release of the iOS application was so well received that Android and Windows Phone version went into production soon afterwards and the efficiency benefits of Dootrix’s cross platform development strategy were quickly felt.

Through constant peer-review and sprint demos, Dootrix spread both the technical and Quartix domain knowledge across its development and testing teams to ensure resiliency and continuity of knowledge. This knowledge is retained in the Dootrix team, facilitating a lasting and fruitful relationship with Quartix.

The Results

Dootrix delivered a native application to iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The application allows fleet managers to view the real-time location of their vehicles and access the core features of the system whilst on the move.

Each platform has a specific user experience as expected by mobile device users. The Quartix brand has been successfully applied to the native device design guidelines provided by each vender.

The apps each rely on an API developed in conjunction with Dootrix against Quartix’s existing databases and infrastructure. This API is extensible and will facilitate the development of Quartix technology in the future, as the business continues to grow.

Working with Dootrix, Quartix were able to take their existing technology, underpinning a successful and growing business, and adapt it to facilitating their customers mobility needs.

Download the full case study (PDF)


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