3 Apps Disrupting the Utilities Sector




In any tough market environment, businesses will always be seeking to improve, drive change and adapt their organisations to succeed. There a few sectors tougher today than utilities: evolving customer demands, a relentless regulatory environment and several new entrants make for a challenging scenario.

But the opportunity for disruption has never been greater in the utilities sector right now, we’ve previously discussed the role of digital in the utilities customer experience but there a number of smart apps disrupting the space right now – and we thought we’d share our top 3 with you.

Utilita – Energy in your Hands

Established in 2003, Utilita is a digitally enabled challenger, promising “smart pay as you go energy” for customers across the UK. Thanks to their smart metering technology, customers can top-up online or with a customer app, via SMS, over the phone or at PayPoint outlet.

With over 600,000 customers in the UK Utilita are “committed to delivering fair pricing, an easy to use product and want to empower customers to feel in control of their energy usage and spend.” Their adoption of technology to innovate both their operations and customer experience is really impressive, customers can not only top-up but also review usage and fully control their account with their application.

Their in-home display is also an impressive piece of tech – and that is where their organisation are being really disruptive. Their web application empowers the user to isolate devices and identify the most expensive in your home, giving you a clear picture of how to manage your energy to reduce your bills – a truly customer-centric innovation in this space.

i2O Water – Smart Water

Smart water network solutions provider i2O Water has just announced they’ve launched a new mobile app that enables technicians to review and configure real-time data from its data loggers. The app is part of i2O’s dNet solution for logging, visualisation and alarms. dNet enables water utilities to place accurate, reliable and affordable i2O loggers at points of interest in the network, configure them, and view and analyse data from its entire logger estate.

The new app which is available to all i2O clients, allows water utility technicians to make the changes they need to make using their mobile, rapidly increasing ease and reducing the time spent at each site, improving operational efficiency for i2O.

They’ve also been able to pass those benefits to their clients, the app enables water companies to reduce costs, speed up deployment and increase effectiveness – a clear win for both sides of the fence.

Mapdwell – Work with the Sun

As one of the US’s early entrants of the new wave of social entrepreneur agencies, Mapdwell helps everyone “work with the sun”. Their technology maps real-time solar opportunities, energy, daylight and shading – to bring efficiency to some of the biggest cities in the US as well as buildings, homes and to public transport.

The app reveals the solar potential of building rooftops through state of the art, precise technology developed by MIT. Communities can use Mapdwell’s Solar System platform to provide their residents with highly detailed information about the opportunity for sustainable energy above their heads, increasing solar deployment and reducing reliance on procuring energy from traditional sources.

Initially launched in the US and now in Chile, the Solar System platform is always expanding and is now ready to serve communities all around the world. With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability, people want to be inspired to action and what better way to do it than with the power of the sun.
Want to hear more about how technology is empowering change in the Utilities sector? Watch this space for news about our Intelligent Experiences event with our friends and partners at Microsoft. 

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